eTwinning + ENO 10th Anniversary Tree Planting For Peace 22 Sep 2014







Dear registered school for ENO Tree Planting Day this year.

As you know, we will plant trees 22 Sep 2014. It will be our special event as 10 years have passed since the first time, 21 Sep 2014.


You find instructions for the day and material on the event website. We have also included flyers in 25 languages there.
You find them all here:

CERTIFICATES will be distributed by ENO national coordinators after you have submitted info and photo about your event (see instructions on the website) and do not send any info to this address, use ones mentioned in the instructions-


Event page:

Photo campaign on the page: Make a selfie of you with paper “I plant a tree for peace” #eno !


When use twitter use hashtags #eno #10th anniversary #peace #peaceday #enotreelympics and @EnoProgramme

Have a great day for the environment and peace!

ENO Programme Finland
ENO-verkkokoulun tuki ry
ENO Programme Association
Siltakatu 12 B 14
80100 Joensuu FINLAND




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