Esercitazioni lingua inglese (classe quinta)


Singing in the shower
Mr. Ben is a 30 year-old English man who lives in Manchester because he works there. He was born in London, he’s very tall and he’s got red hair and green eyes. Ben works as a manager in a big company but he doesn’t really like his job. Since he was a little child he loved listening to rock music and singing famous rock songs, but he was too shy to sing in front of a crowd
Ben has got a wonderful voice but he stops singing when people are around him. He prefers to sing quietly in the shower and he also makes important decisions about his life. Ben plans his business meetings and travels, the daily run in the park, the walks with his big dog Marshmallow and the menu of the day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Ben’s family lives in London and they are worried because he is so shy. The family hopes he becomes more confidentso that he can sing in public one day, maybe in a big city like London. Who knows?

since = da quando 
a crowd = alla folla
to plan = programmare 
confident = sicuro di sè

Il sistema solare

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Il Sole 

La struttura del Sole

Il Sistema solare si muove?

L’Universo e il Sistema solare

I pianeti terrestri o rocciosi 

I pianeti gassosi 

Il sistema solare (da completare)

Il sistema solare (Interattivo)

I pianeti rocciosi

I Pianeti gassosi

Il Sistema solare

La Via Lattea

La Via Lattea

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L’Universo (Marco e Emiliana)

Il Sole e la sua struttura (Gaia e Assunta)

Il Sistema solare si muove? (Danilo e Stefano)

I pianeti rocciosi (Mercurio e Venere) (Giulia e Carmen)

I pianeti rocciosi (Terra e Marte) (Antonio e Leonardo)

I pianeti gassosi (Giove e Saturno) (Simone e Daniele)

I pianeti gassosi (Urano e Nettuno) (Alessandro e Letizia)

La Via Lattea (Gabriel e Cristian) (Giorgia e Erika)

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