Dear students,

revise the passive and complete all the exercises: http://www.nspeak.com/videogrammatica/49passivo/passivo.htm.

Then write three sentences using the passive form and what happen in your family.

Mrs Ferrari

18 Responses to “3E to 3C: THE PASSIVE”

  1. Good afternoon teacher,
    I’ve done the exercises they’re soo useful ! I hade some dubTs but now I have “cleanED “them .
    Bye ,

  2. Good afternoon teacher,
    I´ve done the exercises and I understand better.
    the sentences:
    the pizza was cooked by my mother
    the homeworks are done by my sister
    the newspaper is read by my grandma.

  3. Good afternoon Teacher,
    I’ve done the exercises on the blog and I practiced better.
    The sentences:
    The chicken is cooked by my brother.
    The music is listened by my sister.
    The water is drunk by me.
    See you tomorrow,
    Martina Furaforte

  4. Good evening teacher, i’ ve done the exercises and they’ re very useful.
    My three sentences are:
    1- The bed is made by me.
    2-The floor is cleaned by my mum.
    3-The dinner is cooked by my grandma.
    Goodbye, see you tomorrow!

  5. Good evening teacher,
    i have a problem with the connection and i return from dance at nine o’clock. I’ll try to do the exercise tomorrow afternoon.
    I’m sorry.

  6. good evenig teacher i have done the exerciseS and they ARE very useful

    1 the dinner is a cooked by my mum
    2 the house is claned every day
    3 the house was built IN 2010

  7. Good evening
    I’ve done the exercises andare they’ve helpED me to improve my grammar skills

    1- The mobile phone is used by me
    2- The sofa is occupIed by my cat
    3- CThe TV is watched by my mum

  8. Good evening teacher,
    I’ve done the exercises and I practiced the passive.

    The three sentences are:
    – the grass is cut off by my father
    – the cake is eaten by my brother
    – the car is driven by my mother

  9. The pasta was eaten by my sister

    Liguria is visited by my family

    Pizza is cooked by my mum

  10. good evening teacher,
    I sayW that AN exercise kept giving me the wrong answer even though it was right.
    the three sentenceS are:
    -the food is cookED by my mum
    -the homework is doNE by Gabriel
    -the TV is watchED by my sister and my father.

    by, GABRIEL

  11. Good evening teacher i’ ve dobNe the exercises
    1-the lesson is tought by the teacher
    2-the cartoon is whatched by the baby
    3-the room is cleaned by mum
    See you tomorrow

  12. Good evening thacher, I’ve done the exercises and they’re very useful.
    The sentences:
    1- the newspaper is read by my dad
    2- the music is listened by me
    3- Tv is watched by my brother
    See you tomorrow
    Giulia Gallinetti

  13. teacher*

  14. Good night teacher. I’ve done the exercises.
    The three sentences are:
    1-The important dinner is cooked by my father
    2-The floor is cleaned by my mum
    3-The exercises on the blog isARE done by me

  15. Good evening  teacher,
    I´ve done the exercises and I  tried to write some sentences:
    -The book “I pilastri della terra” was read  by my father.
    -The  bycicle is used by my brother.
    -Every thursday pizza  is cooked by my mother.

    See you soon,
    Mariachiara Soana

  16. Good night teacher,
    I’ve done the excercises and i found them useful
    The sentences:
    1- the Tv is being WatcherD
    2- the pizza is eaten form BYmy dad
    3-the PC is userD by me


  17. *exercises

  18. Good evening teacher,
    I have done these exercises they are so excited and very helpful also . Thank you so much teacher . And I am sorry. I have replied late .
    See you soon teacher ,
    By Sunena

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