44 Responses to “3 E – 3C: THE WEATHER”

  1. Good evening,teacher
    I watched the videos,were interesting,I answered the questions,I took 100%.
    I searched for the name of the former American President the U.S.A. He’s Al Gore won the Nobel in 2007 for peace and climate change.

  2. Hi teacher!! I watched all the videos and i did the exercise. I took 100%.
    They were funny and interesting and i really liked them.
    See you on monday.

  3. Hi teacher!!!!
    I watched all the videos and i did the exercise.
    I took 60%
    See you on monday

  4. Hi teacher,
    I watched all the videos and i did the exercise and in this I took 87%.
    The first video was very difficult but it was very important for me.
    By and Good Sunday

  5. Hi teacher
    The video was very interesting
    În the game i take 80%
    Bye see you tomorrow

  6. Good evening teacher,
    I watch the videos and in the game I took 100%.

  7. Hi teacher. I watched all the videos andò I di the exercise and in this i took 65%. Bye

  8. Hi teacher, I watched all the videos, I think the second video ( Al Gore) was a little difficult for me….
    My Score in the exercise is 93%:14 out of 15
    See you tomorrow

  9. Hi Teacher.
    The video of the girl was amazing, is awesome to know that there are some kids like her talking in front of the politician and talk about the problems of the world, the sad thing is that EVEN NOW we have these problems and the politicians still don’t do anything. What a world is this…
    when she talked about the kid in brazil, i felt pretty bad, because there are kids in the world who are starving and me?we? are here with a computer,books and food. Poor kids will give everything for going to school and me?my class mates? we often say that school is boring and annoying but we forget that school is OUR future.
    I really hope that one day we will think about those words, if there’s a person outside who is going to listen to these girl’s words i really hope it not only for ME but for the HUMANITY.I really appreciate what this group of girls did because is nice to know that there are people like them.
    by the way. i took 100% in the game

  10. I absolutly agree with you. But all of us can do a lot: first we shouldn’t waste anything, second we shoul give something to charity associations…

  11. Good evening teacher,
    This video made me move…Very nice and interesting,makes you realize mistakes that we make every day for both the environment and others.
    I also think that we should help those in need and be more careful to not pollute the environment.

  12. Good evening teacher,
    the video is very interesting and unfortunately the things that she says are true and sad !
    I hope the world governments will understand the problem before it’s too late.

  13. good evening teach,
    I fully agree with Rayshawn Serna, we should all them admiring the fact that we have a roof over their heads, clothing with which to shelter from the cold, the parents who always love us, and also the fact that every day when we go home we find the food ready on the table .It is also right in one other thing we go to school in order to build our future because we are not obliged to do so, but many very many of those children living in affrica in brasilia in Bangladesh and in a any other place would give too few rags that have roofs lean against for a single loaf of bread. then WE should havere them admiring the fact of everything we need and we should not complain for those few things better or who have not withered.

  14. Hello teacher
    I have nothing to say.. I completely agree ray’s opinion, but I would say another thing. What happened after that girl’s speech? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! world’s politicians continued their job, they don’t care about us, about our future, they care only about money and their career..
    And what about us?
    We can’t accuse COMPLETELY politicians, because we have to do our part, and the most of us doesn’t do it.
    see you on wednesday

  15. Good evening teacher
    I watch the video grammar and they helped me very much

  16. Good afternoon teacher,
    i watched the videos and now i want to speak about what i could do to prevent the Global Warming:
    -I can use the bus
    -I can walk or cycle to school
    -I can use a little extraLESS of electricity
    -I can recycle and reause



  17. Good morning teacher,
    I think is very important to be careful about polution and for resolve it i could:
    -use public transports
    -use my bike and i COULD walk
    -recycle and reuse
    -don’t waste.

  18. Good afternoon teacher
    I think that global warming is a very big problem and we must do something. Little things that we all could do are :
    -use bicycle instead of car
    conserve PRESERVE natural resourceS
    -recycle and reuse
    -use a fan instead of the air conditioner
    -switch off electronic things that you aren’t using

    See you tomarrow~

  19. Good afternoon,
    The global warming is a very big problem. In these years this problem is expanding. For TO prevent the global warming I Could:
    – use bycicle
    – recycle and reause
    – use the bus
    don’tNOT waste the water
    don’tNOT waste the electricity
    – walk

  20. Good afternoon teacher
    I watched the video and it seemed to me very intresting
    It made myE think we have to help the environment
    In my opinion we do not have to cut the trees or otherwise the animals would be distinguished ESTINGUISH

  21. Good afternoon,
    I think that global warming is a very big problem end it’s important TO prevent it for example:
    -Use the bus
    -Use bycicle

  22. Good afternoon teacher,
    I watched the videos and I think that the global warming is a very important and critical problem today and we must solve it as soon as possible. The things I can do for this problem are:

    – go to school by feetON FOOT or by bicycle
    – recycle and reuse
    -use less electricity


  23. Good afternoon,
    I think that global warming is a big plague for the word and we need to prevent it in thisESE ways:
    -use public transport
    -using transport without emissions
    -don’t waste water and electricity

  24. hi teacher,
    i think the global warming is a big problem but we can prevent it.
    we can recycle and reuse, use bike or public transport and use less electricity and water.

  25. Good aftenoon teacher,
    I whatched the video and I think that global worming is an important problem and there are many wayS to solve it for example we can use pubblic transports, rycicle and reuse, walk or use bycicle.

  26. Good aftenoon teacher,
    I think that the global warming is aN important thing, that could destroy humanity.
    But we can do action for TO decrease the global warming, for exemple:
    -use the bike
    -use the bus,undergrounD ec.
    -do recycling or
    -don’t waste electricity.

  27. Good afternoon teacher
    I think the global warming it’s IS a big problem for the world and for TO prevent this problem we should follow thisESE ways:
    -Use bycicle
    -Don’t waste the water
    Bye bye

  28. hi teacher,
    I think about preventing envroioment pollution I could save the water when I do HAVE A shower or when I brush my theeth. I should switCh off THE heating when there IT is warm. I could always use the bicycle for short journeyS, if I did DO long journey I’d use the pubblic transport. I should recycling something or I should do separate collectionTHE RUBBISH. I could use renewable enginers ENERGIES at home, for example the solar panels.

  29. Hi teacher
    the globar warming is a greate BIG problem and EVERYBODY all persono in the world can:
    don’t use LESS the car

  30. Hi teacher,
    I watched the video about the global warming. The global warming is one of the top enviromental issues today and I read that it’s important to reduce the demand for fossil fuels using energy more wisely. So I am going to do this things :
    -reduce waste, choosing reusable products and recycle paper, plastic, glass
    – ride my bike or walk
    – use buses or metroTHE UNDERGROUND
    – don’t waste water
    – save electricity turning off lights, tv, stereo, computer, etc.
    and it would be usefull to plant trees!

  31. Goodafternoon teacher,
    the global warming is a great problem in the world and we can stop this phenomenon by doing so:
    -i could waste less water
    -i could go BY BIcycle or ON foot, when it’s possible
    -i could turn off the radiators when i don’t need them
    -i could close the windows when there it is hot
    -i could do de THE recycling
    See you tomorrow
    Martina Furaforte

  32. Good afternoon teacher,
    I watched the video about the global warming and I think that it is a big problem but with simple actions we can limit it.
    I could do these things:
    – walk or ride my bike to go to school
    -waste less water
    -turn off the radiator when I don’t need it
    – reuse and recycle
    – use public transports
    See you tomorrow
    Giulia Gallinetti 3^E

  33. Good afternoon teacher

    I watched the video about the global warming. I think it is a very BIG Problem for the world and I think WE SHOULD
    -Use bicycleS instead of cars.
    – Use buses or metro UNDERGROUND.
    – Turn off the Tv when it does not worke.
    -Don’t waste water and electricity.
    See you tomorrow, have a nice day

  34. Good morning teacher,
    in my opinion global warming is a big problem in the word. To prevent environment pollution:
    – I should walk or ride my bike to school
    – I should use more often public transports
    – I should turn off the radiotor when they I don´t need it
    – I should use less water when I brush my teeth and I do HAVE A shower
    – I should recyclE and reusEing
    See you tomorrow

  35. Good afternoon teacher,
    I watched The video where The girl speaks about The Global warming.
    Her words are Very importants especially with The problems that we have today about The enviroment. She Said that we have To start aTO do something,Not only speak.
    For TO achieve Her words we can:
    -use The bus
    -use The bicYcle
    -Not waste The energy
    do The recyclin

  36. good after noon teacher,

    i think global warming is a big problem and we should help each other , some of the tips are just like the other said

  37. Good Afternoon Teacher,
    For me the global warming is one of the big problem in the world.To prevent environment pollution I should use renewable energy sources to eliminate production of carbon dioxide. I should keep the temperature low in our house for don’t TO AVOID TO waste the heat and I should use the bike, walk or use a bus to move.
    See you next time

  38. Good evening teacher,
    I think Global warming is a big problem .There are little things that we can do to stop it like:
    -walk to school and not by car
    -use the bicycle
    – reuse and recycle
    -don’t waste water and energy

  39. Hi teacher,
    The video is a heart touching video . Global warming is very dangerous . To stop this we can do like:
    -Go to school by bicycle or by ONfoot
    -Save electricity and the tips that say my friends about global warming.
    -Recycling of plastic , paper etc….

  40. Good evening teacher, I watched the videos about THE global warming and I thought that to improve the environment it would be necessary:
    -TO recycle
    -Do not pollute the environment
    -DO NOT waste water
    -TO save elecrticy
    -TO walking

  41. good night teacher
    i watchED the video ABOUT the global warming and for me IT is a big problem and we should :
    use THE bus , THE UNDERGOUND metro
    go to school by bike

  42. Good Afternoon Teacher,
    I watched all the videoS about the global warming.
    I understand that IT is a serious problem and to prevent it, we must do simple actions.
    For example we should:
    1) When we have a shower we have to save the water.
    2)Use more the bus and the underground.
    3)Use the bicycle or walk.
    4)Do recycling.
    5)Preserve natural resources
    We shouldn’t:
    1)Do not pollute the places we are in.
    2)Don’t waste electricy.
    3)Use less the car.

    Have a nice weekend!
    see you on monday.

    Mariachiara Soana

  43. Hi teacher,
    I watched all THE videoS about the global warming and for me it is a very big problem for the people and the nature.
    In order not to worsen the situation, we should do simple actions:
    -Use the public transport;
    -Preserve natural resources;
    -Do recycling;
    -Do not waste water;
    -Do not waste electricity.

    See you next time.

    Luca Greggio

  44. Hi teacher,
    I watched the videos and I think they are very intresting.
    What Could I do to prevent enviroment pullution?
    To prevent enviroment pullution I should do simple thinGs:
    -I couldn’t waste water when I brush my teeth, when I’ve shower and when I wash my hands;
    -I could use public transport
    -I could arrive in different places on foot and I can use a bike;
    -I could switch off my radiAtor when I don’t need it;
    -I could reuse my dresseS;
    -I could recyclE.
    Now I’ve to eat with my grandmum a good hot chocolate.

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