3E: feedback about the MUSICAL

Cari studenti della 3E,

condividiamo le nostre opinioni riguardo al progetto musical. Scrivete un commento utilizzando questa traccia come spunto.

“Esponi brevemente gli obiettivi, la durata e le fasi del progetto Musical; racconta poi la tua esperienza, soffermandoti su come vi  hai partecipato e cosa ne hai tratto.
Quindi rifletti sui limiti e sui  punti  deboli  che, secondo  te, questo  progetto  ha presentato,  e  fornisci  dei  suggerimenti  per  migliorarlo.
Poi  esprimi  le  tue  considerazioni relative  alla relazione stabilitasi  tra  compagni e  con i  docenti  durante l’attività,  se  ti  sembra  che  questa  esperienza  abbia modificato  in  qualche  aspetto  le  relazioni.
Infine  concludi  con  una  valutazione  motivata  sul  prodotto  finale,  cioè  sullo  spettacolo. Includi anche dei commenti dei familiari che hanno assistito al musical.”
Potete scrivere in italiano o in inglese, come preferite. Le riprese dello spettacolo sono sul sito della scuola nella sezione CLIL: http://www.icnord1brescia.gov.it/clil/

13 Responses to “3E: feedback about the MUSICAL”

  1. Good morning everyone,
    I share with you my opinion on musicals. For this musical we worked for one month To start we read and translated all the script and slowly we started rehearsals. But there have been problems between us with regard to songs. At the musical we had fun and my parents were impressed.

  2. The goal of this musical was to improve pronunciation and speak English more fluently. We have worked in 3 stages: 1-learn your lines, 2-try acting, 3-learn the songs, 4-manage to do the musical. During the show there were a few problems as coordination during the scenes and the biggest, when I learn to sing the songs and the ballet, which I sent me into a panic and damaged relation with classmates and teachers. In the end everything was settled and relation among classmates and teachers are improved. My mark for the show is 8-because I despite having made a bit of a pain when I testing in the end I managed to finish the show as best I could. The opinion about my parents is that they don’t think that came out so well.

  3. Good morning,
    I want share with you my opinion of the musical.
    We worked hard for a month at this show with the aim to learn in a different way but fun very important language. First we established the characters for each of us, then we began to recite with help of two mother touges and be more convincing and we made the scenography. We had a few problems in the song and in the coordination beetween us, but thanks to work of us and teahcers this thing was exceeded. Beetween us there was a lot of tension also to the fear of making mistakes but at the end it made us stronger. The show was another chance to do group and we really enjoyed that. My partents were very impressed the final outcome and we were fun.

  4. I think that acting in a foreign language is a good way to improve my English and acting with classmates is a good way to strengthen our relationship. The play was Sister Act and I acted a victim of the Mafia Boss Vincent LaRocca. My part was very short but I drew the playground and I was the lighting cameraman. We worked one month with our English, Arts and Music teachers.
    I liked this musical and I enjoyed acting but I think that Sister Act doesn’t fit much with male roles and me and my class mates had difficulties to sing (many of us are changing the voice) and to choose male roles.
    At the beginning the strain in class was high between girls and boys because of the different points of view but at the end we came to an arrangement and we understood the mutual views. Acting together was important to know better each other and to solve problems together.
    I think the show was awesome and my parents agreed with me. I hope to act in English again but the next time I hope to play a more important role.

  5. Dear all,
    good afternoon.
    I’m very happy today because I’m thinking to our musical: in my opinion it was very beautiful.
    We worked about a month for prepared it. We worked in Music, Art and in English (of course).
    I loved to work and with all my classmates.
    Saturday morning I was worried because I feared to make mistakes, but now I’m very happy: everything went fine!
    My family, my grandparents and my friends enjoyed very much: they said that we was all very good.
    I want to thank to Mrs Ferrari, Mrs Lacomba, Mrs Costa, Mrs Joselyne and Mrs Charlie for their work for us.
    I’d like to do another musical in the future!

  6. Good afternoon teacher
    The show yesterday I loved it: all ‘beginning of the fear kept me from rejoicing I was confused and afraid but started the show I focused and L adrenaline overcame fear.
    It was wonderful experience enjoyed and hope to make more.
    My parents and my grandparents were happy and they said it was a beautiful show

  7. Dear teacher,
    we worked for prepared the musical for a month. In this month we worked in some different subjects , wich are music,art and english. In art we maked a lot of scenograpies : a TV, windows for a cathedral, a phone and a remote control. I music we learnt some songs ( wich are HAPPY DAY, JOYFUL, HOW WILL FOLLOW HIM ) but i didn’t learn it because i was a ” Mafia Boss “.
    When we had the rehearsals Mrs Charlie and Mrs Joseline helped us for improve the musical.
    Some teachers helped us for the musical: teacher Lacomba (Music teacher), teacher Costa (Art teacher ) and teacher Ferrari ( YOU, English teacher ).
    In the day of the performance i was relaxed but my mates are so agitated because a lot of their friends and relatives will watched the musical.
    My parents were enjoy because the musical was fantastic.
    Thanks for this opportunity, Carlo.

  8. Goodafternoon Mrs Ferrari,
    About the performance of Sister Act I think it was a constructive experience. The show was prepared in a month and it was repaid by the end result. This experience has had the aim of strengthening relation between classmates. To realize this show we worked with the music teacher, the english teacher and the art teacher. The show has pleased all of my family and that makes me even more happy. We worked well but as with all things there were drawbacks that but then resolved. I hope that soon I can repeat a similiar experience.

  9. Good afternoon teacher,
    Sister Act was to upgrade our english pronunciation. We worked for 1 months with our English, Music and Art teacher. About the relations with our friends wasn’t very good because the boys and the girls devised for the song and other things. For my opinion I was good in the Musical and I’m a good police man

  10. Good morning teacher,
    Sister Act was a great show, we practice for speak English, with music teacher we practice for sing songs and we help to art teacher for scenography. We did our best for this. And this show is my first show in Italy.

  11. Cara professoressa, per ottenere il risultato che abbiamo mostrato per il Musical “Sister Act” abbiamo lavorato con impegno facendoci aiutare dalla prof. di musica per le canzoni THE LONGE MEDLEY, HAIL HOLY QUEEN, MY GOD, I WILL FOLLOW HIM, HAPPY DAY e infine JOYFUL. Ci ha anche aiutato la prof. di arte per realizzare le vetrate e alcuni oggeti di scena che sono usciti molto bene. Ma prima di tutto abbiamo dovuto imparare le battute e ripeterle. Mi è molto piaciuto questo progetto perchè ci ha fatto praticare e imparare l’inglese non come facciamo di solito ma in un modo diverso e sono felice di aver potuto partecipare.

  12. Cara professoressa il musicol è stata un’attivita diversa dalle altre un’occasione per imparare meglio l’inglese ma anche riunire la classe.
    Tutte le professoresse sono state disponibili ma soprattutto lei con l’organizzazione,la professoressa lacomba nelle cazoni mentre la professoressa costa nelle scenografice
    Sono moloto felice di aver potuto partecipare

  13. Dear all,
    the musical was a very interesting and exciting experience.
    The project kept us very busy for two month.
    The aim was improving our English and carring out an interdisciplinary job. We had to translate and study the script, to learn the sings and dance. We had to work all together, and it was very difficult, there were some arguments between us during the rehears,
    but at the end the show was a success.
    My family was impressed by our pronutiation and by the performance.
    I feel sactisfied of the result and I think this experience has made us a closer class.

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