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Listen and sing this famous song by the band: CLASH than improve your knowledge about conditionals printing this CONDITIONAL CHART (add it in your grammar exercise book) and completing this exercises.




Mrs Ferrari

7 Responses to “3C and 3E: CONDITIONALS”

  1. Thank u so much teacher the exercise are not very difficult and the song is nice. In first exercise i have 80 percent mark

  2. Good evening teacher ,
    I ‘ve done the exercises and as Sunena has told they are not difficult they are so useful to understand the grammar .The song is good I like it!
    Goodbye and thank you for the exercises.

  3. Good evening teacher i listen to the song and i liked it. I have done the exercises and i found them quite difficult, i hope i will improve with more practise! Goodbye…. sorry i sent the comment in the wrong place!

  4. Good afternoon teacher,
    I really like that song it’s very funny. I’ve done the exercises and I found the lasts quite difficult.

  5. Good evening teacher,
    I’ve done few exercises at the moment , but I’ve found them very useful. I listen the song, it’s nice.

  6. Good evening teacher.
    The exercises are quite difficoult but they are useful.
    The song for me isn’t very beautiful because it is old, but it is useful too!

  7. Good evening teacher.
    I really like the song~
    I’ve done the exercises and I think they are very useful.

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