1C: preparazione alla verifica di inglese- SIMPLE PRESENT

Dear 1C students,

in order to be prepared for the next English test revise units 5, 6 on your book, listen to all the tracks and revise the mind maps about the simple present and the vocabulary.

Then watch the video and complete all the exercises on the Videogrammatica.. Then write a message and declare your score.

Good luck,

Mrs Ferrari

3 Responses to “1C: preparazione alla verifica di inglese- SIMPLE PRESENT”

  1. Good evening teacher i listen to the song and i liked it. I have done the exercises and i found them quite difficult, i hope i will improve with more practise! Goodbye

  2. Dear teacher,
    I have done all the exercise.
    By Stefano

  3. Dear teacher Ferrari
    the exercises have been really useful.
    Thank you, Aurora Gavezzoli

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