3C: webquest School trip to campo Tres

Dear students,

here there’s the direct link to our webquest. Keep surfing on the websites suggested and go on with your group to prepare your presentation.

Good luck,

Mrs Ferrari


After one week of hard working in cooperative learning, here there are the products you’ve realized:

Goup 1: Power Point and flash cards about FLORA, FAUNA and MINERALS in Val Paghera by Matilde, Francesco, Simone and Abdalla.

Group 2: Power Point about ECOLOGY and some advices to respect nature by Samuele, Aurora and Alessandro.

Group 3: Poster and a SCAVENGER HUNT (at campo Tres) to describe the place by Sofia B., Viola, Greta and Simona.

Group 4: Power point about Val paghera and Adamello Regional Park by Sofia L., Awa, Giulio and Mila.

Group 5: Digital book in Storybird about a boy and his adventures by Gabriele, Sunena and Aldana

Goup 6: Video with the interview to Jocelyn about some British famous natural areas.

And here there’s the evaluation grid each group is using to evaluate the other groups’ presentations.




And now, let’s think how we’ve worked to prepare it all answering some questions, in italian, as a goup to this QUESTIONARIO.

Now we’re ready to go to our school trip. Let’s enjoy it!!!!

And thanks to the University Students that have helped us!!!

Mrs Ferrari

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