3 C: concorso “Dall’aula alla corsia”

Cari ragazzi, vi invito a partecipare al concorso “Dall’aula alla corsia” promosso dall’associazione AVISCO per la redazione di una breve storia o una filastrocca in italiano o in inglese che, se vince, diventerà il copione di un cartone animato realizzato dai bambini in ospedale con l’aiuto degli educatori AVISCO. Ecco alcuni cartoni realizzati negli anni […]

1 C: revision unit 1, 2 and there is, there are

Dear 1 C students, watch the videos, read the writings and study the rules than complete all the exercises. At the end write a comment describing the scores you got in the exercises. Alfabeto – Numeri – Data – Orario Present Simple To Be (Essere) Pronomi Personali – Possessivi – Interrogativi – Differenza tra “They Their […]

2 C: simple past BE and interrogatives

Hi students, here there are some exercises and explanations about the past simple of BE. http://www.nspeak.com/videogrammatica/22tobepast/be_past.htm and the interrogatives: http://www.nspeak.com/videogrammatica/14interrogativi/interrogativi.htm. Watch the video, study the rules than complete all the exercises and write a comment describing your score in each exercise. bye, your English teacher

2 C: hair description

Hi everybody, I’d like you to whatch this video and repeat all the sentences and words this teacher says. Enjoy it! Than, write a comment: which is your favourite hairstyle? Describe your hair… Your English Teacher

3C, 3 E: school systems

Dear students, here there are some presentations you have to study about different schools systems. Write a comment comparing them: Which one do you prefer? Why? What could be changed in the Italian school system in order to be more suitable for you and your friends? British             and     […]

3C, 3E: will, may, might and first conditional

Dear students, revise  these topics on the VIDEOGRAMMATICA: will, may and might, zero and first conditional complete some exercises to practice them. Go on watching the TV series EXTRA. Be prepared for the oral test!!! Mrs Ferrari

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