1 C: simple present BE

Dear students, revise the verb BE here: sing the song, watch the video, and do the exercises. Your English teacher, Mrs Ferrari

3 C, 3 E: apps, games and tv series to enjoy in English

Dear students, Do you like enjoying yourselves? Do you generally play computer games? Do you sometimes use apps? Do you oftenwatch TV series? So why don’t you enjoy them in English: it’s a very useful method to improve your English. Write a comment describing one or more games, apps or TV series in English so […]


Dear students, revise these two tenses: THE SIMPLE PRESENT: USED FOR DAILY ROUTINE AND HABITUAL ACTIONS PRESENT CONTINUOUS:  ACTIONS THAT ARE HAPPENING: “I’m writing a post”                                                 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMDJcs1CPjk ACTIONS PLANNED IN THE NEAR […]

3C, 3E asking for and giving directions

Hi guys! In order to start the scavenger hunt your team will repeat a dialogue where one of you asks directions to the Science Museums and the other ones gives them. So, write a dialogue about it on your exercise book. You can improve your skills in giving directions by surfing on these pages. Then […]

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