Merry Xmas kids!

Dear students,I wish you all a merry Christmas

Past Simple – Test your grammar!!!

Dear 2C and 2E students, How are you? Here is a link to a good grammar exercise on past simple and present continuous. LET ME KNOW HOW YOU GO… send me a message!!!! 😯 Teacher Gussago

Game for 3C

Dear students, This is a game to practice comparatives. It is quite useful and enjoyable (gradevole). I scored 20,000, see if you do better than me!!!!  😯 Here is the link: Cheers Teacher Gussago

Bubble Game for 2C, 2E and 3C

Dear students, How are you? I hope you are well! Surfing through the language games, I found this interesting and funny game called ‘Bubbles‘. It helps you with grammar and to make sentences (frasi). Here is the link: Enjoy!  😆 Teacher Gussago  

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