Riflessione sul lavoro di gruppo della webquest

Cari ragazzi, ora che avete completato il vostro lavoro e siete stati valutati dai vostri compagni e dalle vostre insegnanti, dedicate qualche minuto a riflettere su come avete lavorato individualmente e in gruppo. Per compito, quindi, compilate il questionario individuale mentre in classe il quesionario di gruppo di cui riporterete ciò che avrete scritto in […]

Evaluating your short stories

Good job my dear students! Now you are ready to describe your team short detective story and the entire class will evaluate your job according to this grid: http://zunal.com/evaluation.php?w=227008. detective short story by my students So, don’t be shy and smile!  

writing your team short detective story

Friday the 14th of February: fill in the Mystery Graphic Organizer about your team short detective story: mystery graphic organizer  

Webquest: Elementary my dear Watson!

Class 3 students: here you are the webquest activity. Follow the instruction, produce your short detective story then leave a team comment: http://zunal.com/webquest.php?w=227008 Ok: I suppose you’ve understood Agatha Christie short story about Miss Marple but, to be sure, answer these questions in your team (you’ve got only 15 minutes): Who died? Mrs. Rhoeds Was […]

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