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The origins of Cricket are unknown even if it appears in the south-east of England already from 1300.
There are many theories on the origin of the name Cricket. It’s possible that the word krick
comes from a flemish word that means stick to witness the cultural and economic exchanges
between the south east of England and Flanders.
Also in the USA The Cricket represents the most popular sport until 1800
In 1900 the Cricket was part of the Olympic Games.
In Italy the first news about Cricket goes back to the end of the XVIII century, end of 1700.
A century later, 1893, was founded the Genoa Cricket & football club


Cricket is a team sport played between two groups of 11 players each. More than any other sport, cricket is one
imbued with an ethic of fair play; it was a game that revealed a moral character. It’s the most popular sport team defined as "The Game" and practiced as a rite as the rules are rules of the life.
The rules include, respect for the opponents , respect for the umpire and respect for the rules of the game. It’s forbidden to say bad words to the opponents and any act of violence between the players on the field of game is absolutely condemned

“ It’s not cricket”
It’s an English expression for something being unfair or unjust.
It means “You can't do that!”

Cricket is played in an oval or rectangular field of grass. It’s called Playing Field or Cricket Ground. In the middle of the field is placed a lane, 20 metres long and 3 large, called Pitch that represents the area of launch. The pitch is bordered by Two Wickets. Each wicket consists of 3 stumps and 2 bails

At the starting of every match the captains of both teams toss a coin in order to decide the roles of the teams : Batting Team and Fielding team
Once decided the roles, the captain of Batting team assigns the batting order and the Scorer .
The Fielding team is arranged on the ground by the his own captain
Two Umpires take their seats on the Pitch
Each parts of game is called Innings. Between an inning and another, the teams reverse their own roles.

The Batsman stands on the line of beat, batting crease waiting for the launch of the ball.
The Bowler launches the ball to the batsman.
The Wicket Keeper has the task of recovering the ball as soon as possible and limit the number of runs of batsman.
The score is marked by running between the two wickets


The equipment provides:
A ball
A bat
An helmet
Batting gloves
Traditionally, the cricket players wear white clothes

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